Meet Tripur Kinder Academy (Tri Ka) in Nepal

Tripur Kinder Acadmey (Tri Ka) is in the Dang region and the Narayanpur community.  It has 95 children, which is a 66 student increase from our last visit in 2015. There are 5 classrooms and the children here are primary age or younger. Classes from youngest to oldest go like this: Nursery (preschool), play group, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten, and 1st grade. 

A normal school day consists of exercise in the morning from 10-10:30, lessons in their classrooms until 1ish, lunch, class time and dismissal around 3:30. There are rough start and stop times in the day so they tend to trickle in and out at a range of times.

They get lunch at the school, funded by the Open World Cause. The school started out as just a few classrooms (the back portion of the school). In the last few years an addition was built adding 2 more classrooms allowing more students to come. This was funded by Open World Cause. We made the decision to provide the funding in 2015 after Open World Cause determined there would be an increase in student population if we provided school lunch funding for Tri Ka’s students. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 10.05.24 PM.png

The teachers have various levels of training and were very interested in professional development when meeting with our team. They wanted to learn more about phonics and language acquisition especially. We will also be doing PD on technology so the teachers know how to navigate the iPads. The iPads will be used to provide more learning tools otherwise not available to the teachers. The team also provided Tri Ka with a printer and hope to get that running for academic needs as well. We don’t want to leave teachers with tools they do not understand.

Tri Ka is a private school in the Dang community. According to Govinda, public schools don’t always have a good reputation in this community because the focus on students is often seen as less important as the teachers pleasing their boss. Tri Ka has also been great for the community because there aren’t many schools that service this young age of students.

While here, we held 2 Days for Girls and parent meetings. At these meetings our goal is to make connections with parents so we can shadow students and families in the community. The curriculum we are working on writing is taking a look at the ins and outs of Nepali culture, school life, and family life. Tri Ka has allowed us to connect with the community and hopefully, with the help of donors and partners, continue to make a difference here in Nepal!