Our Mission

Open World Cause provides fundraising, resourcing and technology services for our friends abroad in at-risk communities or vulnerable populations of the world. We are partnered with schools and families in each community.
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Our Goals are

  • To provide basic financial resources to communities operating on low-incomes, specifically those individuals or organizations attempting to provide educational access to vulnerable populations;

  • To provide technology appropriate for partnered communities and with proper instruction on use in the classroom or in broad community applications;

  • To facilitate collaborative partnerships that intend to foster global learning opportunities and humantarianism;

  • To sponsor, represent or attempt to speak about the needs of vulnerable regions of the world to other potential donors, sponsors or representatives.

Digital Citizenship

We started with two laptops and internet access…The power of globalization through digital resources has utterly changed the way humans see and interact with the the rest of the world. We do our part to seek out common tools that can change a person’s life for the better. Immense power rests within our fingertips and in our devices, so what’s stopping us?


Together is Better

We don’t do anything in this world alone. Humanity works together to create amazing, ingenious solutions to each and every problem. Working with other organizations, teachers, students of all ages and our respective communities has lead to enormous leaps forward in our status as a non-profit that’s worked with communities all around the world. - Ben Honeycutt, Executive Director