What We Do



Access to a quality education

Education opens the world for the next generation. By educating the children at the TriKa school, we are providing them with tools for a better future. The funds that we raise provide salaries for well trained teachers, and also goes towards initiatives such as school lunches, uniforms, and building funds. Making sure the classrooms have technology for curriculum is also a priority. In the past, we’ve aided in the delivery of 14 iPads to assist educational instruction at HIPAfrica in Kenya, and the delivery of 4 iPads, a Double robot and a telepresence robot to TriKa for educational instruction. We have also funded the school lunch program at TriKa since the Fall of 2015, and funded teacher salaries at HIPAfrica from 2018 through our final donation in April of 2019!

Looking to support HIPAfrica? We will provide a link to their incredible non-profit partner soon!

Clean Water

water filters

Open World has provided water filters to over 50 families in both the Kimilili community in Kenya and the Naryanapur community in Nepal. It is incredibly crucial that the families have access to clean water so they, and their students, stay healthy. Healthy children means more attendance at school! We provide them with Sawyer Point One Bucket Filters, that should provide them with clean water for up to 10 years.


Building Projects

In Kenya and Nepal

Open World helps the staff of the Tripur Kinder Academy to keep their buildings open and up to code. Through the years we have funded the construction of 3 classrooms, 2 washrooms and a computer lab at HIPAfrica, as well as 2 classrooms, 2 washrooms, and an office at TriKa.

Should more construction take place, we will share it here!


New Projects

What Will I Become

An initiative to meet the needs, and fight for the dreams, of women and girls in the communities we support.

ESL Curriculum

Creating lessons and tools for English language instruction, per the request of the headmasters.

Adopt a Classroom Curriculum

Full curriculum for connecting your classroom with a classroom abroad!