What have we been up to? Evaluations and updates!

What have we been up to?

Haley- Haley is our nurse and as been doing check ups with students. She pulls students from their classrooms and checks eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, blood pressure, height, weight, lungs, skin, and strength. Only 2 out of the 15 students had no cavities at all. Around 5 had 2-3 cavities and the rest had multiple. Many of the children had high pulse, low blood pressure and were dehydrated. We saw them crash from the heat multiple times, just laying down to rest during class. 

Morgan, Nat, Ben, John and Shelby spent their time in the classrooms observing everything from the walls, layout, educational materials, English, instruction, activities, down time, student participation, gender bias, teacher support, lesson plans, and more. We want a full scope of what is the ‘norm’ in these classrooms. Based on our findings we are also developing PD for the teachers that will be from 4-5pm after school each day we are here. We will video these PDs to leave on the iPads for the teachers to rewatch as needed. We will also post them on the website.

John and Melissa surveyed the building for property dimensions to keep in mind for potential expansion. We want to know the limitations and possibilities of this for the future. John is also our resident handy man and is working on getting windows opened for more breeze in the very stuffy classrooms. 

Melissa makes sure we have what we need to accomplish what we are doing successfully. She also checks in on each of us throughout the day to make sure we are gathering the data needed and properly documenting. We also held a meeting with teachers after school, ran by Melissa. She explained what we are doing at Tri Ka and that we are wanting to be as supportive of them as possible. Melissa also runs all team meetings and keeps us in check! 

Up next: tooth brushing tutorials, PDs, technology, phonics, meets in the community. Stay tuned!

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